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Our Root Pruning Process

Trenching and digging in the soil near trees can cut roots, and this can damage the tree resulting in tree decline. Possibly, the tree falling over. This can cause liability and safety concerns. Root pruning is more injurious to old mature trees than it is for younger more vigorous trees. Cutting roots greater than about one inch in diameter, during trenching and digging, can mean problems for the tree. In some cases roots of one to three inches diameter represent the major structural roots holding the tree upright.

The impact from pruning roots depends on several factors. Damage typically increases with more cuts, bigger cuts, and cuts made closer to the trunk. Root pruning, trenching, and other construction activities close to the trunk result in more injury on shallow, compacted soils or on soils that drain poorly than on well drained soils. This is due to the shallow roots common on sites with shallow soils or high water table. Trees that are leaning are poor candidates for root pruning.

Factors affecting response of trees to root pruning:

  • Root Size – Larger roots may generate few new roots.
  • Number of Cut Roots – More roots cut means more tree stress.
  • Proximity of Cuts to the Trunk – The closer cuts are to the trunk the bigger the impact.
  • Species – Some species tolerate it better than others.
  • The Trees Age – Old trees are more likely to stress and die.
  • Trees Condition – Trees in poor health should not be root pruned.
  • Soil Type & Site Drainage: Shallow soils mean stay farther from the trunk.
  • Tree Lean – Leaning trees should not be root pruned.

Anderson’s Root Pruning Guarantee

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists offers a custom approach to residential and commercial root pruning services that is guaranteed to match your needs and budget. Our skilled, insured tree root pruning professionals guarantee that your job will be done safely and expertly.

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(Consultation require a professional opinion/diagnosis and is fee-based. You may call and discuss it ahead of time with and Arborist for free, but a visit would be invoiced).

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